The independent auditor and consultant for governments and government related entities

We are a team of specialized professionals who know government, with a variety of expertise, contribute to the quality of services SOAB provides.  Ranging from auditing, accountancy, economics, and public administration to HR and IT. 

Having considerable knowledge of government and its specific characteristics gives SOAB the credibility of creating added value for clients. 

SOAB is the statutory internal auditor of the Governments of Curaçao and St. Maarten.



We carry out these services in the interest of the community, enabling the public sector to excel at its tasks.
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Consultancy - Advisory

Having almost 3 decades of experience in public administration & consultancy, SOAB excels as the advisory partner for the entire public sector. Learn More →

Consultancy - Support

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Having strong ties to government and the public sector automatically creates a responsibility towards the community we work for. SOAB recognizes its responsibility and is constantly seeking partnerships with organizations and individuals focusing on creating opportunities for those who need support in their endeavors.

SOAB invests in mid-to-long-term partnerships focusing on the development of talent and the creation of opportunities for those who need it.

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Working at SOAB

Working for us means knowing government and supporting good governance. SOAB has a strong reputation as a reliable partner for the public sector and specifically the government.

Therefore your work is based on a strong affinity for the public cause on a local level.

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