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 Providing audits for our clients is essential within SOAB’s working field; the public sector. Within our audit services we do independent examination of a government or public sector entities processes and controls. This can be on a financial, IT, operational or internal level. 

Assurance aims to reduce information risk by improving the quality or context of the information and data. Within the audit services we for example execute forensic investigations including fraud investigations, risk control, the composition of financial statements, process description and the assessment of processes, the review of budgets, due diligence, second opinions on business cases and investment decisions. We carry out these services in the interest of the community, enabling the public sector to excel at its tasks.

Our Audit team consists of skilled professionals, including certified fraud examiners and internal auditors with knowledge of the complexity of accountability legislation and are performed with careful professionalism and confidentiality. 

We have build up almost 30 years of experience within the public sector and specifically governments within the  audit industry, which makes us an expert in that field.


 As the partner with the necessary know-how, SOAB is well equipped to perform this control task.

Assurance related services are:

  • IT audits (ISO 7200 and Cobit 5.1)
  • Financial audits
  • Operational audits
  • Internal Audits

Next to the regular audits we also conduct the following with our assurance practice: 

  • 3000 Assurance engagements other than audits or reviews of historical financial information
  • 3410N Assurance engagements relating to substainiblity reports
  • 3600N Assurance engagements relating to the protection of personal data (privacy-audits)
  • 4400 Specifc tasks agreed upon
  • 4410 Compostions assignments



Trained professionals, including certified fraud examiners and certified internal auditors, provide clients with services related to assurance. Because of our extensive knowledge of rules and regulations related to assurance, SOAB is the best partner for government when it comes to assurance related services. Our main task regarding assurance is to investigate whether institutions are following procedures and standards that have been set in the accountability regulations and standards

A complex set of legislative regulations makes sure that government and institutions follow certain governance procedures. As the partner with the necessary know-how, SOAB is well equipped to perform this control task.

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