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IT Audit

Because operations in the government and public sector are increasingly computerized, IT audits are used to ensure information-related controls and processes are working properly.

An IT audit is an assurance service in which we provide insight in the degree of reliability of the used IT systems within the organization regardless of which system or platform is used.

Our team of certified IT-auditors has years of experience with investigating IT systems. They operate within the international accepted standards and values.

IT audit

The primary objectives of an IT audit include:

  • Evaluating the systems and processes in place that secure the data of the institution (government or organization in the public sector)
  • Determine the risks in the organization concerning information assets and help to identify methods to minimize those risks.
  • Ensure IT and management processes are in compliance with the specific IT laws, policies and standards both locally and globally.
  • Determine possible inefficiencies in the used IT systems and associated management of IT and data.

The SOAB approach

Our IT Audit team is highly skilled and certified IT specialists and auditor (CISA and CISM). When conducting an IT audit our auditor develops, implements, tests and evaluates all IT audit review procedures within the government (segment), ministry or organization in the public sector. The audit procedures include the review of f.e. networks, software applications, communication and security systems, but also other systems that are part of the organizations technological infrastructure.

Especially within the Government its essential that its sensitive data (often data of the public) are protected from internal and external security threats. With the execution of IT audits, SOAB has an essential role in ensuring the protection of those data.

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