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Special Investigations

Special Investigations at SOAB encompass a wide range of investigations with diverse research subjects. This can range from individual-focused investigations to examining specific processes, organizational units, or specific transactions.

At SOAB, we understand the unique needs of each client and tailor our special investigation audits accordingly. Our team works closely with the client to define the investigation scope and research questions, ensuring that we address their specific concerns and objectives.

Special Investigations

  • Encompass a wide range of investigations with diverse research subjects
  • Can include individual-focused investigations, examination of specific processes, organizational units, or specific transactions
  • The investigation scope and research questions are defined in consultation with or by the client

Our Approach

We employ a systematic approach to conducting special investigation audits, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy. Our team of experienced professionals conducts detailed examinations and analyses based on the defined scope and research questions. We utilize a combination of investigative techniques, including data analysis, interviews, and document reviews, to gather comprehensive information.

Based on our findings, we provide clients with a comprehensive report that outlines the results of the special investigation audit. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving transparency, accountability, and effective controls within their organizations.

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