September 22, 2023

2022 – the year of transformation for SOAB

Willemstad – Recently, the Stichting Overheids Accountant Bureau (SOAB) presented its 2022 annual report to the Minister of Finance of Curaçao, Mr. Javier Silvania. By submitting the annual report with the theme “Transformation,” the foundation fulfills its obligation in the context of good governance and proper administration.

SOAB, the government accountants responsible for auditing and advising on matters related to the government and government-affiliated entities, understands the importance of being accountable to elected officials. The 2022 annual report includes not only financial data but also an overview of several significant assignments carried out during the past year. It also provides an account of the organization’s personnel policies and quality assurance.

With the theme of the 2022 annual report, “Transformation,” SOAB sets the tone for the ongoing organizational change processes. The most visible of these changes was the physical relocation to a new and modern building in Curaçao that meets the requirements of modern employees and employers and supports innovative work practices. Hybrid work was further structured and ensured through policy in 2022. However, the organization’s new strategic direction, which emphasizes the growth mentality (“continuous growth & development”) of every professional within SOAB, ensured that the transformation process continued in 2022.

Transformation refers to profound and sustainable processes of change, especially a fundamental and structural shift in the thinking and behavior of groups and individuals. By presenting the annual report to Minister Silvania, SOAB’s directors Raymond Faneyte and Renata Sandriman, as well as the temporary chairman of the Board of Trustees of SOAB, Anne Marie v/der Horst, emphasize transparency, sound governance, and continuous change and improvement in their services for the financial management of the governments of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, as well as all other clients.

SOAB’s goal is to build upon innovation, improvement, and change within the organization due to the quality standards, norms, and values they adhere to, in order to optimize the trust of citizens regarding transparency and responsible management of government resources.