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IT advisory & support

Next to extensive IT Audits, we also advice on the field of IT. In that we support government and public sector with a wide selection of IT questions and concerns. Our focus is to bring custom fit solutions for these concerns and implement this in a suistainable way. 

IT Advisory

  • In the advisory IT you can expect advise on and support with: 

    • optimization of work processes
    • digital transformation of organizations
    • IT Governance
    • Production and development of IT strategies & processes and more.
    • Next to that we also focus on data analyses, digital risk analyses, cybersecurity checks and data privacy
    • Providing training on cybersecurity awareness 
    • helping with selection of software and hardware to use within the organization. All with the international accepted standards and values.

The SOAB approach

Because SOAB is broadly present in organizations across the government, we can clearly determine when a department is in need of IT related assurance or advisory services. Regular moments of knowledge exchange with colleagues help us to expertly assume our role as the government advisor that we are.

With a vast body of knowledge of rules and regulations, we understand how to thread through the governmental realm when performing our tasks. Recognizing the increasing importance of information technology in organizations, SOAB ensures continuous training and development in the expertise areas mentioned above. 

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