April 16, 2023

Annual report soab presented to the government of Sint Maarten

Minister of Finance Sint Maarten Mr. A.M.R. Irion receives SOAB'S 2021 Annual Report from the Managing Director of SOAB Mr. drs. R.E. Faneyte and  Director of SOAB Sint Maarten Mrs. drs. C. B. Joseph.

PHILLIPSBURG – On September 30, Stichting Overheidsaccountantsbureau (SOAB) presented their 2021 Annual Report to the Government of St. Maarten via Minister of Finance Sint Maarten Mr. A.M.R. Irion in the presence of the St Maarten Director and Managing Director of SOAB.

The annual report was presented by the Managing Director of SOAB R.E. Faneyte and Director of SOAB Sint Maarten C.B. Joseph.  It provides an overview of all the government and government-related audit, assurance, advisory, and support projects SOAB conducted on the islands of Sint Maarten, Curaçao, Bonaire, and Aruba in 2021. The report also provides an overview of its personnel and organization, internal quality, financing, and results. The audited 2021 financial statements with a positive (unqualified) opinion are also presented therein.

The theme of the annual report was ‘adaptability’, which focuses on the ability to cope with the one constant factor in life: change. This theme sheds a light on the effects the worldwide pandemic has had on the economy and how this demands adaptability and flexibility from communities, businesses, and countries to survive and thrive. SOAB continues to be committed to the support of the various governments and with that, the communities by giving excellent service through the alignment with the organization’s norms and values.