April 16, 2023

SOAB launches new brand identity during a festive celebration at St. Maarten office

The dynamic and colorful new brand identity fits the SOAB of now and the future.

Last Monday, SOAB St. Maarten celebrated the launch of the company’s new brand identity during a festive gathering of staff and clients at its office at Osprey Drive 4 in St. Maarten. During this event, guests were officially introduced to the new logo and brand identity presented in the presence of Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Minister of General Affairs Silveria Jacobs, and Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion.

SOAB, founded as a foundation in 1994 to act as the internal auditor of the government of the then Netherlands Antilles, has made significant internal changes since 2020. After 25 years under the same leadership, a new general manager, Mr. Raymond Faneyte, was appointed in conjunction with an executive team. Under the leadership of Raymond Faneyte, Renata Sandriman, Hardy Huisden, and Candia Joseph, SOAB embarked on a new path, both strategically and in the way of working.

In line with these innovations, SOAB has chosen to move forward with a new hybrid way of working, making it one of the first companies to adopt this way of working as the new normal. New brand elements, such as the logo, bright colors, and blocks can now be seen in and on the SOAB St. Maarten building. Part of the new SOAB also included the Curaçao office moving to a new, more modern building with innovative flexible workplaces and meeting areas.

“These innovations within SOAB also required a critical look at our brand identity and the way we present ourselves in the community. This has to fit who we are now and where we are going in the future. That is why we started an intensive rebranding process with the new management team in 2022, in which the team also played a major role. We are proud to have finally been able to present this new brand identity,” says Raymond Faneyte, Managing Director.

SOAB’s new brand identity represents the agility and future readiness of the organization, coupled with the innovation they bring to the public sector. A colorful style has been chosen, that reflects the dynamics, diversity, and resilience of the organization and its employees.
Candia, director of SOAB St. Maarten explains: “Our portfolio continues to grow, and we are proud to be able to service the government and public sector in Sint Maarten. We want to emphasize that we offer various services and that our young and dynamic team continues to grow and provide their expertise not only in accountancy, but also in other services such as advisory, investigations, and support. We’re excited to move forward stronger than ever before.”

The organization has always been committed to providing high-quality products and services that add value to its customers and the community. Looking to the future, SOAB and its team will continue to work hand in hand with the communities where they live and work to ensure high quality, effectiveness, on-time delivery, and consistency in everything they do.