April 16, 2023

SOAB obtains the KOA Certificate

Friday, June 17 was a big day for SOAB. Our Director, Drs. Raymond E. Faneyte RA CFE CICA, personally received the KOA (Quality Assessment for Government Auditors) certificate from the chairman of the KOA-board, Adri de Bruijn. This certificate confirms that the KOA quality audit has been concluded with a positive assessment and that the KOA-board is of the opinion that SOAB’s quality system complies with the provisions of or pursuant to the Accountancy Profession Act.

The Quality Assessment for Government Auditors (KOA) is a partnership established by directors of government accountants or audit services of the national government and four large municipalities in the Netherlands. One of the objectives of the KOA is to promote the quality of the professional practice within the organizations of its members, by means of its accreditation to assess the quality system of its members, but also by exchanging knowledge. To this end, KOA conducts a quality assessment of its members once every four years. SOAB joined this partnership in 2013. The KOA is mandated to conduct quality audits at accountancy organizations on behalf of the NBA (Dutch Association of Accountants).

Congratulations to the entire SOAB team