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Corporate Governance

Guiding governmental integrity and transparency
Corporate Governance provides a proper framework for governmental organizations based on the principles of good governance. Proper corporate governance ensures adequate division of management tasks of government entities; policy-making, policy execution and monitoring. Good corporate governance requires a careful set of rules and regulations, facilitating what’s ultimately important for government: integrity and transparency.

SOAB is an expert in the field of Corporate Governance for government. SOAB was involved during imperative occasions in which corporate governance was a matter of interest. SOAB had the role of advisory body when the Corporate Governance code for both the former Netherlands Antilles and Curacao was implemented. In addition, SOAB created the framework for the Corporate Governance Code of the former Netherlands Antilles and Curacao. SOAB has an edge when it comes to corporate governance for government, because of the extensive knowledge and experience operating in the context of government. 

The SOAB approach

When providing advisory on corporate governance SOAB does the following:

    • Create frameworks of operation for management of governmental organizations.
    • Monitor whether actions and decisions comply with policies set under corporate governance regulations. 

SOAB provides specific expertise in the field of Corporate Governance:

  • Advisory on corporate structures of corporations and foundations;
  • SOAB creates profiles for the managing and supervisory directors and set up frameworks regarding the composition, tasks and functioning of the board of directors.
  • SOAB consults in instances when an assessment is necessary to determine whether a conflict of interest has arisen.
  • Advice and research on corporate governance issues
  • SOAB provides advisory on matters regarding the appointment, evaluation and dismissal of managing and supervisory directors.
  • SOAB advises regarding the selection and evaluation of external auditors, including provisions for a proper division of audit and non-audit services.
  • SOAB can be involved when dividend policy and reservation policy needs to be created or monitored. 

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