Community Project

Hope Project

SOAB’s biggest example of how this support was given to members of the community is the HOPE project. Combining the fun of sports, meaningful teamwork, and sustainable support to the community, resulted in the three-year HOPE project during which 3 foundations were structurally supported by SOAB in their endeavor to excel. HOPE stands for helping others persevere and excel and SOAB proudly contributed.

With the organization of softball tournaments in which company teams competed, funds were raised to support charitable foundations.

 Not only were funds raised, the project simultaneously promoted teamwork among organizational members. Every member of the SOAB organization somehow contributed, whether it was by running the concession stand on the softball field or helping out where needed.

With this project SOAB contributed to: 
  • Fundashon Amigunan di Cristo received a transportation van. This foundation offers specialized daycare for children and the van was needed to make sure the kids could make it to the daycare center. Keeping an eye out, you will still see the van driving around, taking the children to and from the daycare center.

  • The Marietta Alberto foundation in Suffisant supports children with great learning difficulties. The HOPE Project helped them with a monthly activity surrounding sports and team competitions during which prizes could be won. The project contributed greatly to an atmosphere of pride and optimism.

  • The New Creation Foundation was provided with a fully equipped media center for the youngsters who are being guided by this foundation. This organization helps out young people between the ages of 16 and 21 who’ve been in touch with the judicial system and need help in restructuring their lives. With the media center, the youngsters also received workshops and training in how to properly use and learn from this media center.